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April 16, 2009
By Miranda Myers BRONZE, Colleyville, Texas
Miranda Myers BRONZE, Colleyville, Texas
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Love is when you can’t live a day without seeing this person.
Love can be expressed by tears, hugs, talking, or texting.
Love can lead to heart break, marriage,
Long time happiness, and other times sorrow.
If you’ve ever been in love you do crazy irrational things.
You’re probably most terrified of losing this person.

When you’re in love
You’re always glad to get a text message
Or it’s when you talk on the phone for hours.
Love is what every person needs.
Love is when your heart beats rapidly when you’re close to this person;
It’s what makes you blush
When your friends ask about your crush,
Or you talk about him.

When you dance and focus all your attention on him.
When you see her cry and you sit down next to her
And say it’s going to be alright,
And give her a shoulder to cry on.
When he looks into your eyes and says
You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.
When you tell her she’s beautiful
When she’s wearing sweats
With her hair tied up, and no make up.
When he says beautiful instead of hot.
When he sees her each day and gives her a hug.
When he smiles as he walk in the room with his arm over her shoulder,
And he whispers “I love you”.
It’s when you feel like a million dollars just standing next to her.

Love is when there’s never an awkward silence,
It’s when you kiss and you forget everything bad
And you live in the moment.
It’s when you get married
And the only person you really want to see is him at the altar.
It’s when you stare them in the eye
And say “I do”.

Love means many things;
It’s a powerful word that you have got to mean with all your heart.
Love means never to turn your back on your friend.
It means you won’t stab her in the heart.
It means you’ll always be there.
Love keeps you going if you’re depressed;
It’s what helps you fight cancer.
It’s when you smile for real.
Love is when you don’t care what other people think.
It’s when you realize what matters MOST.

The author's comments:
Well it came to me while I was sitting in my room listening to the radio, and Taylor Swift's song Love story was on, so i just kind of got inspried by her.

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