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Ella Puertorriquena

April 20, 2009
By JooJoo SILVER, Middletown, New York
JooJoo SILVER, Middletown, New York
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I know who she is
Una hermosa puertorriquena
She has hermosa brown hair
She has a pair of hermosa eyes
She has a hermosa smile
I wish
I just wish she were Mi Hermosa Puertorriquena

Yo amor when you get angry

Your fierce attitude just like una latina
Yo amor when you smile

It brightens my day
Yo amor your eyes

It rids me of my woes

She is from my island

Puerto rico
She has a lovely voice

That is like music

Just like the Couqui
Since she is from my lovely island

With her lovely self
Ella es una bella couqui

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