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May 15, 2009
By Sarah♥ SILVER, Milford, Connecticut
Sarah♥ SILVER, Milford, Connecticut
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It's back with a vengeance
That voice inside your head
You know that it's out there
You know you want it dead
That voice, yeah, it's telling you some things you don't wanna hear
But at the same time, it compels you, it traps you in your fear
You know with all your might
That the world is not all right
And it slowly kills you inside,
But the battle that you fight
Every day and every night
Whether you should speak up or run and hide....
Part of you wants to protect
The only home you have known
But part of you wants to turn away...
The evil is spreading,
But what's the use in dreading,
It's going to happen either way.
You seek bliss in ignorance,
You don't wanna know,
So you let them brainwash you,
You let it all go....

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