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Besides Reality

May 21, 2009
By Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
Alexis Burlile GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Besides Reality

The color so vivid, it is almost good enough to eat
My nose tingles when I take a deep breath

My ears take in the sounds of nature, like a starving child
I glance at the world around me, and notice the sun sparkling on the leaves, like a rose among the many thorns

I get up, and walk over to the bridge..
I stride over to the pine tree…

Its branches so lush, yet so prickly
I am like Sleeping Beauty; my finger pushes itself towards the tree
My muscles yelp at the pain the tree has caused
A rumble of thunder erupts in the sky

I am startled and woken
Now, I am in reality

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