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Forever A Refuge For Lonely Souls

August 30, 2021
By Sugar8Skull BRONZE, Montreal, Quebec
Sugar8Skull BRONZE, Montreal, Quebec
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I was grand and filled with choirs of children;

Loved by priests and passing pilgrims.

But less and less came every day,

My breaking walls left to decay.

Then lost youth hid - trouble brewing;

Their smoking was to be my ruin.

Now mice hide in burnt out holes;

Forever a refuge for lonely souls.

The author's comments:

I wrote this couplet for a school assignment; we had to write a poem inspired by Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay, with a symbol from The Outsiders as the main focus. I wrote from the perspective of the the old church that Ponyboy and Johnny hide in, and invented its history. I bent the rules of couplets slightly, which is why some of the endings aren't complete rhymes.

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