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Lavender Melody

October 18, 2021
By psterner22 BRONZE, Ortonville, Michigan
psterner22 BRONZE, Ortonville, Michigan
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 No matter where you are, whether you’re miles away or an inch from my face, your soft scent can make someone feel so ecstatic; 

you create an immense amount of joy after someone is exposed to an awaited trace of your fragrance, 

like the lyrics from a sad song that describes how you felt in a moment of your life that left you heartbroken.

You soothe my soul like a harmony whose intentions were to make you empathize with its tender sound. 

An altos melody can make a heart soar, a soprano's upper register could make Heaven look like Hell; however, their ability to blend their delicate sounds together 

make them conspicuous. 

Like you Lavender,  your image is enticing; your divine touch, one worthy of worship, makes your beautiful presence even more breathtaking!

You’re as heartwarming as a minor chord in a song that’s primarily in a major chord, you make something that seems so simple, 

so beautifully complex just from your marveling sight.

it’s refreshing, even so, you’re a sigh of relief.

Your calming, serene, cloudless aroma comforts me, holds me, 

protects me from all deemed as bad, like a diaphragmatic breath before the next verse. My sound wouldn’t be nearly as pleasant without it, 

Similarly to the way you can make my dreary marrow a relaxing one. 

You make me want to let go of my troubles and strain that appear in daily life, comparable to how belting makes me embark on disregarding a horrible day, 

your admirable scent is so freeing, it’s so lively.

You’re as relaxing as a melody, one look, one smell, or one touch, 

is as powerful as the crescendo to a chorus! 

You’re the build up that people are begging to sing with, the verse from a song that was difficult to learn, but once memorized, sung with such ease.

You’re the decrescendo to my sigh after my first, and relaxed, breath

from your lustrous air. 

The soft energy you create is as sweet 

and as calming as a compassionate voice singing in pianissimo.

You’re the alluring voice no one would want to neglect, 

one that everyone implores to hear. 

Your delicate redolence makes people crave for more, an untarnished song perpetually on repeat because no one can get enough of it!

You, my sweet lavender, are as sincere as a melody, and as clear as a musical note. You are the music I hear playing in my head since our first introduction.

The author's comments:

My name is Phoenix S., I am 16 years old. I was born in Royal Oak Michigan and raised in Ortonville Michigan. I’ve spent about 14 years at Brandon High school, and the past month at Lapeer High school. My hobbies consist of singing and writing, I really enjoy poetry. The past year and a half has helped me find and understand my passion for writing, when I was younger I never would’ve said I like poetry or reading, now they’re two things I excel at.

My poem “Lavender Melody” is my most favorite piece of poetry to date, I honestly believe it captured my love for three things I truly enjoy in my life. Some may question, “Phoenix, there’s only two key subjects in your poem which are lavender and music, what do you mean by three?” to which I would reply, “well reader, what you read is the surface of my love, I intentionally speak to an inanimate object as if it were a human. My question to you, reader, is who or what could my piece be about? That is a secret I want to have for myself”.

   I like to see myself as a very empathetic and emotional person. I like for readers to see and understand that they’re allowed to find love for random things at any moment for no reason at all. I want for readers to see what I see, while also creating their own image of my work.  

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