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June 12, 2009
By SilverQueen SILVER, Reseda, California
SilverQueen SILVER, Reseda, California
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The gleam of sunlight flickers
Then expires
The innocence of youth too rapidly departs
The shadows fall, e’er stretching hungry fingers of gloom
Gnawing the light to the bone, they corrupt the day
But hush
Dry your eyes, get thee up from the clay
For thou art strong
Able to survive
Now look
A whisper creeps towards thee
Closer and brighter she appears, ‘til
She awaits thee, gleaming
Canst thou see her?
Like a faithful hound, a favored hawk, she sits
Reach thine hand towards her, friend
Let her blossom within thee, growing
Accept her
For thou shall never be alone
So I promise

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