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if you didnt have me

June 25, 2009
By lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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cant get this through my mind,
it just doesnt seem real,
everyone keeps saying,
that my heart will slowly heal.

But i dont think so,
the cut is just too deep,
you didnt keeo the promises,
you said that you would keep.

I didnt see this coming,
thought we were going strong,
i guess i was too blind to see,
that i was oh so wrong.

What hurts the most,
is not that it was such a sudden fall,
its that you didnt even try,
to fix anything at all.

Did it even hurt you?
to know it hurt me?
I wasnt expecting,
how calm about it you'd be.

How long had you been lying?
when you said i'd never loose you,
at some point you must have realized,
what you were saying wasnt true.

I keep trying to figure out why,
it just doesnt seem clear,
how can all your feelings for me,
could just completly dissapear?

I know there were restrictions,
more then there should have been,
but you've known from the beggining,
and you didnt mind back then.

I should have known,
you'd eventually see,
it would be better for you,
if you didnt have me.

The author's comments:
i wrote this when my now ex broke up with me. it hurt really bad

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