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June 27, 2009
By delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
delizabethl PLATINUM, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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I’m screaming
Because what I see
Can’t possibly be real,
My worst fears
Are all materializing
Before my disbelieving eyes
And a scream escapes
My gritted teeth
My iron grip is slipping
And it feels like
My mind is going
I’m over the edge
I’ve finally dived headfirst
Into the crazy pool
I’m different
And so is my perspective
Of the world around me
I’m no longer in control of me
I’m unstable
Don’t wait for me to snap,
I already have

Save me from myself
I don’t want to hurt myself
Or others
I don’t care
If you kart me off
To a rubber room
And strap me in a straightjacket
As long as the horrific hallucinations
Leave me alone,
And I’m able to stop my
Insane shrieks,
And I can get away from
The cruel voices in my head
That sound like nails
Raking across a chalkboard,
When I hear those inhuman voices
I instinctively cover my ears
But the voices are all
In my head
Maybe they would go away
With time and special care
Maybe I could be brought back
Over the edge,
Maybe I could be saved
From drowning in the crazy pool
(I’m in over my head),
And Maybe I could rediscover
My previous perspective
Help me overcome my insanity
Hear my words in the screams

The author's comments:
I've felt like this before. Like fame, it's fleeting. But there's always that tiny, secluded part of my brain that's always letting out an eternal tortured scream. Insanity is when that tiny part takes center stage.

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