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Dread MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

His hair is filled with sweetness I fear I'll never know
Tied in knots and dangling
Fallen branchesin the snow
He keeps it long to hide his face and shield him from thedark
And nothing rhymes or tastes so fine
When you're covered in birchbark
He sheds his skin of innocence
To fly among the stars
Her lashesflutter quickly
Butterflies from Mars
He calls to her but all he sees
Ismoondust shattered thin
And I'm still listening, waiting
Long after hebegins
He speaks as if she's waiting here
Devoured in her eyes
And allhis pain is muffled
On a radio of lies
She stares at him from herperch
And waits for him to trip
He turns his head and shakes hisdreads
And releases her from his grip

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i love this so much!