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February 14, 2009
By Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
Trisket GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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"Life Isnt About Waiting For The Storm To Pass,
Its About Learning To Dance In The Rain."

She gasps for her last breath of air,
as the man in the mask holds her
down for one more minute.

my names lil Stacey and im eleven.
I live in California and my hobbies
are playing on the computer and collecting rocks.

Stacey was on a chatting site for kids,
as far as she new.
The people on there probably weren't really kids,
you never know..
One person in particular P.M.'s her and
and ask what her name was
"Stacey" she answered.
then the person types my names "Linda"

so the two start chatting for a while then he asks
her another personal question.
" where do you live "
she though for a minute then typed California
the person asked "were in California"
she replies "Sacramento"
the person also asked how old she was
so she replied back and the two start chatting again.

Stacey in the middle of the conversation said
Yea go "YANKEE'S"
then typed ooh yea thats the name of my school
"really" the person answers
Stacey logs off the computer and goes and eats supper

later that night Stacey crawls into bed
and around 2:30 am she was
being awoke by a strange man in a mask.

He tells her no to scream or he will hurt her,
so she just nods in fear.
he puts her into the car and drives to a lake15 miles away
from Stacey's house
and tries and drowns her.
she struggles and fight but soon
she's dead

the next day Stacey was reported
missing and the search was on.

a man in a boat had reported something
looking ad smelling funny in this bush
so the police took a look
and of course it was Stacey's body
but next to it was a piece of paper reading :


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