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Halloween Night

November 2, 2009
By Dramachic<3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Dramachic<3 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Bud dont make you Weiser. and thats just for being funny. not for real

The sunshine disappears and says goodbye
The night approaches, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Pictures are taken, cameras are flashing
Little children’s fake vampire teeth are gnashing

Pulling and stretching colorful striped tights
Meanwhile, outside, flicking on porch lights

Children running out and being called back in
For finishing touches, adjusting that last fin

Big paper bags ready, yet already crumpled
Making sure one last time that the costumes aren’t rumpled

Finally all is ready! Everything is done
The trick or treat-ers all break out in a run

The first house in view, the porch lights are on!
Running to the door, across the green lawn!

Caramel! Whoppers! Hersheys and Kit-kats!
Ghosts, Ghouls, G.I. Jos, Fairies and Black Cats!

Pumpkins are carved, and Jack-o-lanterns are hung
The elderly wait on the street, and waiting by the door, the young

Bags held out eagerly, princesses practically drooling
The full moon is high tonight, wild imaginations it’s fueling

Werewolves give Frankensteins hearty high-fives
For all the candy has been collected, and back at their houses they arrive

Full of candy, almost sick, yet happily content
All the night’s energy has already been spent

Impatiently waiting for the year to go ‘round
Back to that coming night, when the sunshine disappears without a sound.

The author's comments:
this year was the very first time ive ever been trick-or-treating. where ive lived before there really wasnt any people to do it with. i just wanted to remind people of their very first halloween memories, and all the halloweens after, and what great fun it was, and how much they enjoyed it. i hope you enjoy this poem too :)

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