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The Crew

November 21, 2009
By Arkytekt SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Arkytekt SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Misery loves company,
So lets all meet the crew,
Hatred decided to tag along,
Resentment came here too,
They wanted Loneliness to come around,
But he refused to come and play,
Depression wanted to go out,
But Unfairness made him stay,
Jealousy got jealous,
That they were all about,
And Envy got envious of Jealousy,
So she'll just sit and pout,
Ignorance would have shown up,
If only he had known,
Deception said that he would come,
But he never would have shown,
Greed crashed their little party,
And ate up all their time,
Then Filth came over,
And cover the place in grime,
I'd stay to tell you more,
But Irritation is p***ing me off,
Plus I think Disease,
Gave me a sore throat and a cough.

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