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I can't say any more

February 13, 2010
By AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
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a few neurons can make us all a morons dont you think?

Look at my heart
read between the lines
listen to the beat
try to read my mind
you know i need you
you know i care
if you would just look
you would see im always there
im the one you run to
when you just want silence
im the one who listens
when everyone just has exhalence
and your telling me that i dont care
if i didnt do you think i would still be here?
after everything we been through
its true of you i have the same view
but for some reason you see me
so completely differently
you have the key to my melody
you keep my beat so i cant leave you be
i would have a heart attack if i did
in your arms is where i always hid
if you left, my hidding place would disappear
please tell me this arguement isnt that severe
i need you in my life and always will
because my heart is what your love fulfills
I really dont know what to do or say
but i want to fix this and in the best way
i dont like these fights i need to prevent them
i guess what i am trying to say is Im truely sorry M
so what do you say? will you tell me whats wrong
i dont care how much time it takes even all night long
we are both strong we can get through this
honestly i think this is all just real BS
this is so complicated
but thats what i made it
i should have just answered the phone
maybe then i wouldnt be sitting alone
Sorry doesnt sound good enough
but this one i cant crack its too tough
im reading this again and again
hoping we can still be friends
if not ill try to understand
cuz i know this wasnt planned
i know your still a baby
but your more than that to me
your still my lil bro
who i chose to love and adore
i guess thats it i cant say anymore

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