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Trip and Fall Upwards

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Trip and Fall Upwards

Trip and fall upwards
Into the sky
Out of this world
Just trying to fly

Your pain I can see
Tearing you donw
Hopelessness and rear
Just making you drown

There has been so much
In your short 20 years
Take on the world
Push past your fears

Trip and fall upwards
Away from this place
Where happiness sits
Waiting to face

Loneliness dwells
Upon your bleeding heart
Facing the tears
Tearing you apart

Live, love and learn
Grow and look up
Never look down
At the reflection in the cup

Trip and fall upwards
Soar with the stars
No pressures of life
Chillin on Mars

My slow beating hear
Belongs only to you
My love and faithfulness
Will always be true

Don’t cry, dear one
Pain heals with time
I will do anything for you
Just read this silly rhyme

Trip and fall upwards
Without any pain
Your past is long gone
Your future to gain

Life takes a toll
And twists us around
Don’t sit and just watch
Get up and make a big sound

Your strengths are amazing
The faults they outshine
I’m the luckiest girl ever
That can call you all mine

Trip and fall upwards
Sit with the sun
Never stop short
Get ready to run

Money’s not an issue
We will get by
With struggles and losses
Just take a deep sigh

In just a few years
It will only be us
No one will stop it
Nothing will rust

Trip and fall upwards
Just wait and see
Live will go on
Do not ever flee

Remember the good times
Step through the bad
It helps in the now
When you are too sad

Touch me so deeply
Down To the core
Feel all the shivers
Fall to the floor

So when you trip to fall upwards
Take me by the hand
Jump to the sky
And don’t ever land.

Alysha Wood

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Sam/abe SILVER said...
on Mar. 21 2009 at 4:08 pm
Sam/abe SILVER, Barton-le-clay, Other
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wow. :). thats amazing. i love the last bit.