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It's You

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

You seem to put a smile across my face,
and help the laughter within come out,
i know i am in love with you,
inside i have no doubt.
the way you look at me gives me Goosebumps,
the way you touch me makes me flinch,
someone wake me up from this fairytale,
unless it's real, are you my prince?
my knight in shining armor,
come to take away my breath,
you have all my heart and soul,
there's nothing you can take that's left.
before the dawn i lie in bed,
dreaming of your shining eyes,
i know this love will never end,
not today, tomorrow, or tonight.
you bring something to my world,
that was entirely missing before,
and now that you're here inside my heart,
i need not search for something more.
you turn my world upside down,
taking my cold heart into your hands,
putting your love into my soul,
it's more than i can stand.
at times i say i can't live without you,
of this, i'll always believe,
i've come to realize your love,
is the only thing i need.
when i first saw you that night,
my whole body went weak, my heart stopped,
inside i felt this strange feeling,
of something being popped.
my heart beating fast as i took your hand,
and we skated around the floor,
from the time you asked me out, my dream,
is you and nothing more.
you give me feelings, indescribable feelings,
that i am unable to control,
but now that i know you love me in return,
my heart has once more become whole.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original." Jamie LeAnn Meadows

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