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Adventures with Scuba Steve

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Scuba Steve

One day I went for a swim with Scuba Steve
He didn’t want to go, but I wouldn’t grant him a reprieve
I was hopeful of where our adventure might lead
Maybe we would find a brand new coral reef

So we set out in our scuba-ing gear
Feeling bold, having no fear
In the water, I sensed something queer
The sensation in my stomach caused me great fear

Still we carried on, so noble and true
Signs of a reef, if any, were few
Of the danger, Scuba Steve must have knew
For he was the master of the Sailing Crew

And that’s when he jumped out right in front of us
Like some kind of deep water hippopotamus
Neither I nor Steve would ever bother to fuss
We hustled out of there in quite a rush

We sere trapped in the depths with nowhere to scram
So further and further down we swam
Til’ we reached the bottom and met a clam
And that’s when we saw it, caught up in the dam

Nothing in the water was more precious, he said
So fervently toward the prize we sped
We were in pursuit, and yet we fled
If I hadn’t kept swimming, I would have been dead

As we got closer, I got a good look
It was the famous Ocean badge, that Ash Ketchum took
To avoid the pursuer, I quickly hid in a nook
And zealously whipped out my Pokedex book

Caught up in a chase, with a monster and a token
I figured all hope of escaping was broken
But the monster, Scuba Steve started chokin’
And then the monster started a’croakin

Then I knew at last it was my chance
So I made my big advance
Against the strong current I swam, it felt like a dance
For a second I thought I might lose my pants

Nevertheless I reached my goal
And in respect to success, Steve was full
At this point, the adventure had taken its toll
We were both ready to roll.

This will certify that the above work is completely original. Christopher Davis

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