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Life is Beautiful

March 17, 2010
By AmbientAuthor GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
AmbientAuthor GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
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The beach was lovely with sand of white
A perfect birthday, it felt so right
My father took me on that day
He took me to the beach to play

We played some ball, a catch or two
The water looking oh so blue
My father then lay down to rest
I tried to sleep I did my best

But I was not tired, not at all
So then my father stood up tall
He smiled at me and said “Go on.”
He lay back down with quite a yawn

He fell asleep and so I ran
To the water’s edge and began
To slowly swim and have some fun
My face was turned towards the yellow sun

The water reached up to my neck
So on my father, I did check
I turned my head and there he lay
Asleep quite soundly, so I did play

I floated softly on the sea
The ocean breeze took over me
I sat back up but the water came
Above my head; this was no game

I thrashed and struggled to catch my breath
I was hoping for my death
Then the waves ceased and I was able to see
I saw my dad far off from me

Then I lost him, where did he go?
I called for him but an answer? No.
The waves, they rocked me violently
Then I went under, silently.

I must have been there quite a while,
The water took me out a mile.
And a mile, my father did swim
My chances were extremely slim

He did not know if I would die,
Even so he had to try,
To save my life, he tried some more
My lungs they ached, right at the core.

Then I saw him under water,
He looked at me, his only daughter
He smiled broadly and I felt light
He pulled me hard with all his might

My dad, he grabbed me by the waist
He’d finally found the thing he chased
Then I was thrown onto the shore,
I choked and coughed and choked some more.

What had happened, I asked myself
Had my father saved me by himself?
I looked around and saw no man
So slowly, slowly I began

To stand up straight and look around
But my friend, my father could not be found
I called his name and yelled it too
“Oh Daddy,” I said. “Where are you?”

I walked back home as best I could
I limped and dragged and hunched, I stood.
Then I fell, my head in hands
I fell onto the beaches’ sands.

My dad had saved me that was clear,
But even so, I shed a tear
For the man I’d lost in the ocean deep
Then I softly fell asleep

I woke up wondering where I was
It was the hospital because
I was a mess, my head in pain
One IV was in my vein

My mother wept, the nurses cried
When they heard my father died
I did not tell them, I didn’t say
How his life did end that day

Instead an officer told the tale,
They’d found dad’s body, cold and pale.
In the ocean, he was there
I cried and cried and said a prayer.

My father saved my life that day,
I miss him so, it hurts to say
I love him dearly and always will
But still my empty heart to fill

I learned a lesson at that beach
I lesson, I think, I’d like to teach
Love your father and your mother
Love your sister and your brother

‘Cause soon enough they might be gone,
From this joyful life, withdrawn
Appreciate the world around you
Because these years of life are few

Love the simple things in life
Never ever let the strife,
Consume you or do you wrong
Live happily and strong

My father left me one last thing
‘Twas neither a letter nor a ring
A loving message for me and you
Life is beautiful, it’s true

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