Lingering | Teen Ink


May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The leaf slips through the air gently
It drifts aimlessly, reluctantly,
Finally falling to the chilled surface.

Silver waves ruffle it softly,
A minimal current rocking it one way,
The gentle wind swaying it another.
This slip of life lingers in perfect balance,
Sidles with anticipation
Trembles with indecision.
A sigh and then it drifted easily with the current for a moment as the wind settled down.

A sudden rush of breeze and the leaf is promptly leaping across the surface,
Jubilant in its sudden release,
Timid in its potential freedom.
Leaving the tide pool behind, it skips towards the ocean,
Eager to spread its wisdom and its goodness,
To be prophet, a messenger, a savior of the world.

The current picks up and snatches the leaf
In mockery of what the leaf had once believed,
It is now suspended in the tide pool.

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