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guilty conscience

March 20, 2010
By eminemfan25 GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
eminemfan25 GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Crouching by a tree,
Looking right at him,
The boy stands up,
With his face looking grim.
He has a gun in his hand,
I turn off my light,
He wants to be sneaky,
In the dead of night.
He walks across the street,
And knocks on a door,
The rains coming down now,
It's starting to pour.
The door opens,
Another teenager stands there,
I hear a shot,
I'm standing completly bare.
I throw on some clothes,
And run outside,
The boys behind the tree,
It is clear the kid cried.
I look towards the tree,
The kid pulls out his gun,
And shoots himself in the head,
Ashamed of what he'd done.
As it turns out,
He shot his own brother,
And even worse,
In front of his mother.
If our country is so great,
Then why is there crime,
It happened two months ago,
But I still cry ll the time.
I lost two brothers that night,
And it was all my fault,
If I had a chance,
I would bring my life to a halt.
If I hadn't sold drugs,
They would have stayed away from the nonsense,
But it's too late now,
This is my guilty conscience.

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