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Portrait of the World

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The world is like a painting,
though everyone views it differently.
Some people see a place where everyone and everything lives.
Some see a huge celebration,
of Happiness,
of Freedom,
of Blessings,
of Life,
of the World itself.
Others see a place where they can make a difference.
It’s a place of hopes and dreams.
Sometimes, the painting isn’t always a masterpiece.
Sometimes, life isn’t always blissful.
Bad things do happen; they always will.
Sometimes you can prevent them from happening, and other times you can’t.
Whatever comes your way, or happens to you, remember the paintings.
Some are breathtaking.
Some are ominous.
What is the world really?
That’s up to you.
How will you paint your portrait of the world?

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