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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous


When people ask me
about my friend “Maryanne”,
my immediate response
Is that she’s my best friend.
What they don’t know is
how strong of a person she is
and what she’s been through

I can’t fathom
how she has the strength
to go on as happily
and lovingly as she does.

How could she take the pain
of never having sunny days at the zoo,
instead spending her childhood
watching her mother’s heart break.
She searched for a way
to piece her life back together.

How could she see her dad
with a woman whom she hated
and never say a word?

The day she heard the biggest news of her life,
I was the one she told first.
Her father had passed away
yet somehow, she still recovered.

“Maryanne”, you are honestly
the most amazing person I know.
To see you grieve
and now you smile again.

If only everyone could be
as strong of a person as you,
there would be peace and love
and wrong constantly made right.
I wish you could teach me
to be as remarkable of a
person as you are.

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