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My Dog

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a warm summer day
With lots of fog
It was a sad, sad day
The day I lost my dog
This dog of mine
Was no ordinary mutt
It was a nice playful dog
Perfect you might say, but
It was so big
It could eat me in one bite
My parents were afraid
One day it just might
They wanted it gone
Out of the house
If I couldn’t convince them
He would be gone no doubt
I started to plead
I started to beg
I was so desperate
I got my sister Meg
She would tell them
How nice the dog was
Instantly thought I realized my mistake
I was so foolish because
All Meg would do
Is make up lies about him
She’d think them up
Then spill the lies out before them
And surely enough
That’s exactly what she did
I was scared for my dog
So I took him and hid
When Meg was done making up lies
My parents came looking
As soon as they found us
We started booking
We ran away
To get somewhere far
To get away from my parents
So we hid in the car
When they found us
Hiding in there
They sat down and told me
This dog is like a bear
It shouldn’t be kept in a house like a cat
My dad stood up
And gave me a pat
He told me I needed
To let this dog go
He said to me
There’s a place I should know
Where I’ll let him free
The dog will have freedom
He won’t be stuck in a pen
So he took us out
To the middle of the woods
He told me we should
Put up our hoods
Since it had started to rain
He gave me the collar
Then let me have a minute alone with my dog
He gave me a holler
And told me to let go
The moment my dog became free
He went running through the woods
All full of glee
I got all sad
As my dog ran away
I knew inside
That was the last day
I’d ever see him
All beautiful and nice
My wonderful dog
That wouldn’t hurt mice

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