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“Up She Goes”

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

So deep in fear, this heart,
It sings of peace but cries out war!
The day the streets were cleared with
Silent armies, was the day the rain came;
So we could dance; so we could dream…

Behold! Here are our fathomless oceans!
So deep, the seraphs drown. The faint,
Chilling breath of the wind to the bone,
Which tears at the seams of a once hopeful core,
While my Never Land sleeps in the sea.
Then night descends into a cool fog,
A mist of crystalline stars and luminous dreams,
And possibility becomes reality – fantasy – travesty!
We’ll dance like silhouettes gracing the horizon,
At least until we become a blur, or until we
Become something more than just mere
Figures of our imaginations floating…
This is our last curtain call –
We all fall down, while the seraphs drowned.
In the fathomless oceans were we lay,
The bright eyes which fill my soul with meaning.
May we float to the stars….
Up she goes…. Up she goes….

While my Never Land sleeps in the sea….

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