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Rind of Lies

March 23, 2010
By chelsea aiss SILVER, New City, New York
chelsea aiss SILVER, New City, New York
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We walked like jackals
Throughout the land
Listening to our song
Holding hands
Temptation and frustration filled my heart
When I realized this new beginning
Would never truly start
Because for you it was love
But for me it was guilt
This ring on my finger represents
Dirtiness and filth.

We walked like jackals
While you stroked my hair
And I tried to pull away
Reacting fast,
Until you turned and glared
Afraid I obliged to the generous touch
That was a lot more viscous and rough.
I placed a smile on my face, golden
Like the McDonald arch
A façade for the world
A mask I’ve worn throughout March.

We walked like jackals
Just the two of us alone
Until April spurred by
And I had left home
At midnight on Tuesday, finally free
Marauding in the streets
Not caring who sees.

I walked like a jackal
Confident and sly
Paying more attention to the guys that strolled by
I may have loved once
But it meant nothing to me
How could one think a ring
Would relieve all of the suffering?

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