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Nothing’s Wrong

October 3, 2007
By Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
Priscilla Anderaos SILVER, Spring, Texas
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I don’t let it bother me,
How the summer fled so abruptly and it all went to waste.
I try not to think of the trust I had placed in our friendships
And the places we had been.

I don’t see the pieces of our memories together
In so many things in my life,
And of course I don’t remember all that they taught me
And how much I grew up with them.

It doesn’t sadden me to look at the big stuffed monkey he sent to me
To make sure I had a happy Valentines Day,
And no I don’t feel nostalgia
When I scroll past the pictures from freshman year
And the summers her and I spent together.

I don’t worry as I walk down the hallways
How to act should I bump into them,
And no I don’t miss the big bear-hugs
That I used to get every day from him,
The ones where I disappeared in his arms .
And no, I don’t look in her eyes every day
And see that’s she’s avoiding my glance.

No, I don’t think any of this bothers her either.

I didn’t feel my heart tear,
Or feel like my I lost my family when I lost them.

No, I don’t think about any of this,
Nothing’s wrong,
I’ll be all right.

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