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October 5, 2007
By Shelbyline002 SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
Shelbyline002 SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
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Never do you see her happy
Seldom do you see a smile,
Crack across her face
Everyone surrounding her,
Makes her feel more out of place

I ask her what's wrong,
All the time,
If evrything's ok
She whimpers, shakes her head,
And mutters
"Everything is fine"

I know she cries,
Every night into her beaten old pillow
I can feel her sobs puncture me
Her tears are as heavy as the rain

We don't help this girl,
We just pull up our umbrellas,
And block her out

I know this girl is crying for help,
I can see it in her sad, lost face
Why do we not understand her?
Why is she so out of place?

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