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Blinded to the Eye

May 13, 2010
By instian95 SILVER, Lindsay, California
instian95 SILVER, Lindsay, California
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Is the Mind
they fly
they come
Teenage boys,
minds numbed
Don't know what they want
The blind mind taunts
Total mind flips
Then they all trip
All brain-water drips
Love coms like a flick
They fall
And like babies,
they crawl.

The author's comments:
Its true that when us boys think we know everything bout love, we don't...and when we least expect it, it comes and we crawl like babies because it's knew to us and we don't know how to react to it...we mess it up and then it's all in ruins...but that's why we need to rely on who we want to be with and hope they know what they want...and know were the ones...but it takes both of them to make the relationship work...

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