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The Darkness Beneath MAG

May 14, 2010
By Sevin_Mokri BRONZE, Smyrna, Tennessee
Sevin_Mokri BRONZE, Smyrna, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
-POP* Could've Had a V8!
-Weird is good, strange is bad, interesting is when you don't know what to call something.
-Due to the current economic crisis the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

What's under my bed?
A box of yarn
A forgotten shirt
An old pair of jeans
Pens and other writing utensils
Dead batteries
One sock
A fork
A black hole

The author's comments:
My bed used to be a black hole. I would have a shoe or something across the room and by the end of the week it had moved to the edge of the bed. And I hadn't moved it. I'd have to clean it out ever 2 weekd or so or it'd be riduculous.

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