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Look Beyound The Tears

June 2, 2010
By Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
Razor SILVER, Everett, Washington
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"Behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for love"

There is a time in your life when things are going to make no sense to you so you will get frustrated with it and take it out on the ones around you. You will have a man in your life that will take everything away from you and the only thing he will leave you is doubt on weather you can or will love again. He will leave you with a broken heart and doubt in your mind and you will think that there is nothing you can do about it, and that is a LIE. There is one every important thing you can do and do it for yourself, that is moving on. Don't make yourself lay awake at night wondering what went wrong and don't spend all your time pushing people away cause you think you will do the same to them that you did to your other lovers. Life is to short to lay in wait for an Ex to come back. That man that is ment for you, he is right in front of your face and all you have to do is look beyound the years and wipe the blindig pain away and you will see him clearly.

The author's comments:
The past is the past. So let it be that way.

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