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August 18, 2010
By xXxSKULLZxXx GOLD, Waupaca, Wisconsin
xXxSKULLZxXx GOLD, Waupaca, Wisconsin
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so many things that id like to say
so many things that i have pushed away
looking back at what all went wrong
thinking that the pain was gone
till i saw you again the next day
boy you took my breath away
i keep thinking that youll start speaking to me
i wish for alot but most of all is for us to be
well you didnt stand by me through thick and thin
im thinking of all that we could have been
so look at me in the eye and say wats on your mind
cuz i wanna know i dont wanna be left behind
every once in awhile
youll just sit there and smile
my heart aches to be loved by you
this feeling i have i know is true
i wanna be ur only girl
i wanna be ur whole world
every where i go and everything i see
how i wish you could share it with me
so many things i want to say
but when i get the chance i just walk away
so promise me that youll stay
and that soon you will love me again someday

The author's comments:
i wrote this after a harsh break up but yet we still love each other but we're scared to try to get back together. so i still hope we will someday

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