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Just a dance

November 29, 2010
By sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
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Don't let people tell you who you can or can't be. The world is ours. All we need to do is take it.

You are the inspiration to everything that I am
Nothing else matters when I’m with you
When I’m holding your hand
I don’t have much, but of this I am sure
No one could have a love like mine
So real, so pure
All I’m asking is for just one chance
No strings attached, merely a dance
And if that’s not okay
I’ll just keep waiting,
I’ll wait for that day
That day that we’re dating
I know this sounds cliche
But I mean it from my heart
On the stars, I wish I may
I wish to never be apart
You shake your head
But don’t let go too soon
Everything that I’ve said
Could send us to the moon
We could leave this world behind
And make our own dreams
We wont be confined
To life as it seems.

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