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London Bridge

January 21, 2011
By sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
sunnylynn PLATINUM, Corinth, Maine
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Haunting memories surfacing each day
Memories I thought I had hidden away
Times of darkness, days of tears,
A remembering of all my fears
And yet I think of sunshine
A game of London Bridge
Arms falling down
Like leaves in September
Children were spinning around
Faces I never see, but I remember happiness
Hope for a better time
A smile that was mine
That was before I learned how to cry
A day where I was free
I didnt know people could die

And we'd play London Bridge
Smiling as we danced in the sun
We were not yet damaged by the world
That little boy next door
He used to bring us food
Didnt understand the meaning of poor
He just wanted to make me smile

The day the people came to take us away
I ran towards him because he symbolized all I hadnt known
Smiles, no worries, happier days
A family that wasnt torn apart
I never saw him again
But I'll never forget all that he taught
That smiles were possible even in the darkest of times
Happiness could be found in the simplest of rhymes

Cause we'd play London Bridge
Smiling as we danced in the sun
Nothing could bring us down
We knew that better times would come.

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