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I wear you, Vans

January 5, 2008
By Shelbyline002 SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
Shelbyline002 SILVER, Hilliard, Ohio
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I wear you, Vans
Every day
On my feet,
You gently stay
I slip you on in the morning
I kick you off at night
Look ma! No laces!
Looks like I’ll be alright
On my skateboard,
Under my jeans,
Vans, I love you!
You are my everything
Makin' me look punk
Makin' me look my best
Makin' me look funky,
With your black and white checks
The hole in the toe,
Where a nail dragged you down
Stains all around the bottom,
From roaming our dirty town
All you kids
With your drugs and your booze
I’m not real interested
I dig my shoes
Styled my knee socks
At icky Catholic school
Even in my jumper,
Vans, you make me look cool
Some say I’m pretty sweet
Most say I’m obsessed
But in the end everyone knows,
It’s all in the way you dress

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Roxyroo002 said...
on Aug. 22 2008 at 10:16 pm
I really should change the title on this one!!!