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Forgotten Love

April 12, 2011
By IRUEHL SILVER, Deland, Florida
IRUEHL SILVER, Deland, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Those who start wars, never fight them
And those who fight wars, they never like them
And those who write laws, can recite them
And those who fight laws, they live and die by them

Empty sorries
Not wanting to leave
Giving up on what you want
And what you really need

Simple “I love you’s”
Don’t mend it together
Forgotten love
You want to remember

Trust disappears
There’s no where to turn
You’ve made some mistakes
But you still couldn’t learn

You’ve already lost
But you still fight the fight
You’re at the end of the tunnel
But you don’t see the light

You just want to remember
What you had before
You tried your best but they always want more

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