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It's a Beautiful Sight

June 21, 2008
By xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
xavierhonre GOLD, Chillicothe, Ohio
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Among the grass,
Are trees and birds,
Waiting to be seen,
Waiting to be heard.

They speak in the night,
To the wolves and ferns,
Of how the humans came,
And all they did burn.

The forest alive,
Is angry at thee,
For starting the fire,
And letting it free.

It killed their brothers,
And sisters alike,
They all had to die,
On that horrible night.

And it's all 'cuz of me,
And you and he,
For we started that fire,
That destroyed every tree.

So what can we do,
Now the fire is out?
Build up new homes,
A forest no doubt.

Let the trees grow,
And the animals be free,
They'll come to respect you,
In time you'll see.

So don't light the fire,
Or cigarette alike,
And watch the forest grow,
It's a beautiful sight.

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