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May 19, 2011
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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I thought that I was safe in your arms
That you’d always protect me and keep me from harm
I thought that you would hold me tight
But I guess that all changed last night
I thought we were stable and on the same page
I thought we were both looking in the same way
It was your idea so you don’t have an excuse
It’s taking all self-control to not slap you
I thought I could trust you, but that was a daze
I don’t know if I trust that we are okay
I thought we could do this; just you and me
I guess I was just stupid and way too naïve
I thought I’d be madder, but I’m calm and collect
I can’t decide if you’ve lost my respect
I’ve shed a few tears but I’m not sure why
Don’t you need a reason to cry?
We had dreams; now I’m watching them fall
Watching us crumble, the passion and all
How can I kiss you and feel just the same?
How can I trust when you speak my name?
How can I hold the same hand?
How could you do this? I don’t understand
I can’t sort my feelings, I’m slipping too fast
I thought we had promised to last
I can’t find my words though I’m dying to speak
I know I can’t blame you for being weak
I’m scared of your touch now and scared of your kiss
I’m scared most of all that I’m feeling like this
Part of me screams to just run like Hell
But I’m gonna stay, that’s easy to tell
Either decision is so hard to choose –
Do I want safety or do I want you?

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