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July 25, 2011
By LadyJaneGrey PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
LadyJaneGrey PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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Jumping to conclusions without any sort of evidence
Actually, your voice and your sexy sort of arrogance
Can make me swoon and think of elegance
Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that this completely lacks eloquence.
Something I’m attracted to might be your eminence
Or in everything you do, your natural excellence, but
Nothing that I do for you has any sort of resonance.

Why do I, then, keep raising up my expectations?
Offering myself to you, with sickening anticipation?
Laughing off your indifference without reasonable sensations?
For anyone rational, I think this would be indoctrination.
Or else a tough-love sort of education.
Really, though, what do I expect? Fornication?
Damn my hormones and their cruel subjugation!

The author's comments:
A poem with a surprise (which is actually not that hard to find, I think). Kudos to you if you find it.

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