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My dear friend

October 12, 2012
the-tears-im-crying-dont-deserve-you PLATINUM, Batesville, Indiana
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love comes and goes,
just like the watter flows

My dear friend,
we've known each other for so long.
How can this be the end?
You've been here for me all these years.

My dear friend,
we've been BFF's since we met.
I don't want to ever lose you.
It's like we were made as a set.

My dear friend,
we staied together through the thick.
We staied together through the thin.
We staied together even when I made you sick.

My dear friend,
you stood by my side when things got tough.
You soot by my side when I needed you.
You stood by my side when the water in the sea got rough.

My dear friend,
yuo where there when I needed a sholder to cry on.
You where there when I needed a hug.
You where there on the phone with me till the berak of dawn

and because you've done those things,
I call you my close and dear friend.
and because you've done those things,
our friend ship will never end.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my best friend who was moving.

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