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Somewhere I'm Happy

January 9, 2013
By Taty9 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
Taty9 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sometimes life gets a little tough
You feel like there's just too much stuff
To worry about or even think
You could mess it all up in just one blink

So you go away to somewhere far
And lonely enough to count the stars
Somewhere where you can just relax
Not think about the feelings that
Bring thoughtfulness or even sorrow
Start thinking of today and not tomorrow

Somewhere I'm happy you might not believe
Is stranded out in the middle of the sea

Where there's shushing mists and a crystal blue sea
That make me feel as though I'm free
I close my eyes and deeply breathe
The waves splash up refreshing me

I feel my stress slowly start to soothe
Then jump in the water, ever so smooth
I let myself stretch out my limbs
Then pull together and start to swim

The water feels cool invigorating my soul
And suddenly again, I feel whole
I take a deep breath and start swimming down
Not ever thinking of the possibility to drown

A few seconds passed as i began to swim up
My hair like long tentacles, the surface erupts
I took a deep breath and smiled in glee
Then looked at the beauty surrounding me

Instead of going somewhere expensive and dazzling
I go to the sea, cause that's where I'm happy

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