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Life is But a Dream

March 19, 2013
By hope319 GOLD, Scottsdale, Arizona
hope319 GOLD, Scottsdale, Arizona
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The cold, steel building leaves nature to rot
In our world, money and glory we have sought
With the tact of our cruel, selfish lot,
And our own eventual demise wrought
Yet worry not-Life is but a dream

Peace by an unburied hatchet killed
All because revenge must be fulfilled
In the long gone past hatred has milled
And a future of chaos willed
Yet let your fear be stilled-Life is but a dream

The frivolities of kindness are only a ghost
An icier disposition takes host
In once warm hearts of which we can nor more boast
To selfishness, not charity, we toast
Yet keep your hope close-Life is but a dream

In life, truth plays an inconsequential part
Honesty no longer held close to the heart
Rather good deception a piece of art
In this our world begins to fall apart
Yet let not fright start-Life is but a dream

Now have we all into darkness set free
Our kind-hearted friend named Sanity
Rationale no longer hears our plea
And straight into chaos lets us flee
Yet keep serenity-Life is but a dream

In the mystery between night and day
Life itself silently slips away
No good to preserve nor evil to keep at bay
In nothingness all Hollow Men stray
Now all calm you may slay-Death shatters dreams

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