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Deadly Music-Silenced Voices

September 28, 2008
By Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
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Favorite Quote:
Oh, if I could run free with the wild horses
I'd run and I would keep going and never stop.
Oh,if I could keen with my brothers the wolves
I'd cry sorrow and call for the freedom we lost.

If I could pick up my legs and just gallop away
my footprints would be pounded in the earth
If I could hunt with my pack , coexist as one
our cries would be recorded in a wild journal.

Oh if I could race out my heart and challenge
the wind
Even if I lost ,my lose would be mine to own
Oh, If I could speak the name of a word to feel
its birthing roots
If freedom were the word-then I am coming

The song of suicide steals too many hearts
Bleeding and broken from the impact of constant non verbal abuse
How did we let the cycle of intolerance start?
Inwardly cringing, letting freedom of speech be the shield and excuse

Bittersweet September showcases the losses of the past year
The ones who couldn't take it any more and silently made their escape
Returning students might regret their actions with pain in the air
Not meeting each other's eyes- remembering those too broken to be saved

Children who climbed trees together are divided by blind hatred
Acceptance is lost in the wake of deadly phone calls spreading judgments
Tears fall a direct result of the addiction to gossip that is easily widespread
Afraid of school each day because they have been labeled as different

Expected to suppress a part of who they are because they don't love the same
April 17- a day to break the fearful silence- a day to unite and take a stand
Sacrificing a voice to show support for the ones who live the nightmare each day
Defending a dream so it doesn't just become wave washed words written in sand

How are we so easily forgiving of a society not helping wounds to mend?
Teens feel so out of place, lost and out of hope that they take their own life
Trying to make a difference means fighting with words for every single step
Why doesn't anyone else care that someone who isn't 'straight' is doomed to hide?

Hair covers up the pain shadowing the eyelashes of those pushed away
No one knows where to cast the blame when people sing suicide's song
Time to divorce society if this is how its rules want us to play
Condemning those who don't have choice- beyond wrong

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