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The Super Bowl

October 17, 2008
By Sandy Pleeter SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Sandy Pleeter SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I could hardly wait because the Super Bowl was today,
And my favorite team, the Giants, were going to play.
The dreaded Patriots were also going to the game.
The Patriots thought that it would just be more of the same.

Before I could watch it, I had to get through the whole day,
And this frustrated me more than I could say.
And if you don't believe me in what I make as my claim,
Then listen to what happened during the day, which was lame.

After I had breakfast, my friend called me on the phone.
He asked if I could come to the home that his parents own.
I quickly agreed to come, thinking it would pass the time.
I decided to go there because waiting would be a crime.

Though there were plenty of things to do as soon as I came,
Nothing could stop me from thinking about the football game.
And though I tried to keep my mind occupied all the time,
I kept imagining the end of the half and its chime.

Later, I went bowling to distract myself from the game,
It didn't work, though, and my bowling game was very lame.
I gave it up, and went to set up for the footvall game.
I got the usual snacks: chips and dip, you know, the same.

Finally, it was game time, and I could not believe it.
I knew that if I did not see it, I would have a fit.
The game was now on, and I was watching my favorite team.
The TV was good; I could even see the helmets gleam.

It happened so suddenly; the TV went very dark.
The look on my face went suddenly and extremely stark.
I sat up with a start, for my brain was racing in fright.
I knew that the cable was out; there was no game tonight!

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