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December 17, 2008
By Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
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The world is nothing more than a cloudy day.All gray, all the time.Any light that screams for love is quickly drowned in the darkened sorrow.The moon cracks through the sadness with care and love only to be pushed away.All will be lost, the mother that has loved us so, is dying... no one seems to care.The darkness has reached our hearts,those who we thought impossible to colapse were the first to give in.All of them soon followed.The survivors must join and scream and yell for the love that has hidden and wimpered in the back of our hearts, needing encouragement to sing once more.All of the light will come again one day, right through the cracks and save our mother, wake the moon and discover the true meaning of love.The friendship will glow around every person.All will live happily, together with mother atlast, not afaid to look into moon's blanket for the sorrow will be gone...

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