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Girl is "pretty."

April 28, 2015
By olivia c BRONZE, Toms Brook, Virginia
olivia c BRONZE, Toms Brook, Virginia
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Girl is "pretty." Girl is gift wrapped curse handed to you with a bow and "teach how to be pretty." Girl is small, weak, and crazy. Girl is pink butterflies and sparkles. Girl is "stay at home baking and cleaning for your man." Girl is walking down the street at night with keys ready, prepared to avoid unwanted contact. Girl is " I need a man to keep me happy." Girl isn't strong enough. Girl can't fight. Girl shouldn't fight. Girl is expected to not wear makeup but still have that "natural beauty", which by the way, doesn't exist like you think it doeson celebrities. Girl is taking too long to be pretty for man who doesn't have time to wait for her. Girl should be thin waist and lower weight. Girl is harm yourself to be skinny. Girl is getting yelled at for trying to fill the hold that was left when man abused her. Girl is shamed to be anything other than heterosexual, but sometimes it's okay, just as long as she's "hot." Girl is "confident; attention seeking," and "insecure; attention seeking." Girl is lower paychecks. Girl is "Oh no! You could never be president!" Girl is not equal but don't you dare try to fight for equality because you'll look like you want to be higher up. Girl is hormonal if she gets upset, but it's okay, just blame it on her period. Girl says no and she's a prude. Girl is burden created by society. Girl is tired of being girl so girl became herself. Girl is no longer scared that someon is going to attack her in the dark. Girl is no longer going to accept cat calls in the streets and in stores. Girl will respond with "I didn't ask for your comment." Girl will no longer be ashamed of thick thighs and a thick waist. Girl will no longer accept "weak" as an excuse for not being allowed to do something. Girl will be as strong as girl wants to be and if girl can't do something, girl will ask another girl. Girl will no longer wear pink: only if she wants to. Girl will wear sweatpants everyday if she wants. Girl will fight if needed but girl will keep her level of class and respectfulness. Girl will not be baking and cleaning all day. Girl will make man do it instead. When man gets angry at girl, girl will leave because girl will not let a man degrade her self worth. Girl wil;l wear pounds of makeup or none at all, as long as girl is comfortable with herself. Girl will take 3 days to get ready just to anger man because if girl is timed, girl is mad. Girl will stop saying sorry for being a girl. 

The author's comments:

I'm tired of girls being expected to be something we're not. I'm tired of girls not being equal. I was inspired by spoken word poems about feminism and gender equality.

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on Apr. 29 2015 at 12:04 pm
Mink_Matrix GOLD, Iola, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
I don't trust words. I trust actions.

This is amazing. I've heard some spoken word that had a similar theme. It was called "fat girl" I think. It was just as great as this!