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United As One

January 21, 2009
By JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
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On January 20th we were no longer white or black
On January 20th we were no long Republican or Democrat
Red or Blue we were not
One people, in one great pot
From the right to the left people diverse
Gathered to witness an oustanding moment in the universe
Gathered to see something that most thought they would never see
Gathered witness Martin Luther King JR's "dream" become a reality
One Country One People, united together
Not by the color of the skin but by something better
United because we chose to be, not because we were forced
United because the problems we faced were long, long endured
And on this day Barack Obama made a promise that I know he will keep
He promised that all the hopes, he will meet
So let us know that we have finally won
At least on that day racism lost, and we became one

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