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Mine, All Mine

August 16, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"And though she be but little, she is fierce."- Shakespeare

My hat tips to you, yes, my hat's on the floor

You always returned when you walked out the door

Impossible me

Incredible you

It's hard to describe just what we've been through

It's like a haze of craze, walking through a maze, I'm dazed

Still my sister says, I'm just going through a phase

Man, a phase sure lasts for days

We've walked so many miles, we've crossed so many bridges and rivers

The currents were thick, you gave me your coat to block all those shivers

Pumping some gas, giving CoCo a bath

Doing that Math, cutting the grass

It was you and me and now I can't see me without you

My vivid imagination says, "Sorry, no can do"

Because you're my brother

Blood has a price to pay, it has no say, I'd choose you over another

Any day

Just don't go away

I would build a snowman, a sukkah, a treehouse, I mean, I could try

The worst thing you could say is "Okay, bye"

Don't leave me

It's too hard to let you go

My heart would break, I already know

You've always been by my side, 3,000 miles apart

It's hard to get to where you are, skipping, tripping, limping past darts

With you believing in me, Cappy in arm, and a butterfly on my shoulder

Best believe this legit boss could remove any boulder

I'm too grown for my own good, in fact it's kinda bad

I guess I learned life's lessons fast cuz Problem was my dad

And when I walk by, strollin' super fly, don't bat an eye, all the boys sigh

Cuz they can't touch this and it makes them sad

Matter fact they get real mad

While you're staring at my shirt, I advise you read the signs

Princess always got Big Brother coming right behind

Alright, lift a finger, if you dare

I have no fear

Because he's there and he makes me laugh and forget I was scared

You're the calm I look for in the storm and terror

You're my greatest hero, no I didn't make an error

You're no teacher, yet you taught me, you sent me to school, I learned

All the pain I went through was nothing I had earned

I'm a star who shines at the very least bright

Please let's not fight, too tired to be up in tears tonight

Brother, Imma always be your baby sister

Even when I'm old and married to a sinister mister

Can you please try to understand?

I'm not letting go of your hand

This is my home, it's where I belong

If she doesn't want to share, too bad, so long

I don't have an issue

Just don't steal my Angel Soft tissue

If she does, bro gon' have to beat me, cuz, you see, I disrespect real easy

Big bro, you got a big job

No slackin'

Cuz guess what, this Miss aint unpackin'

She can start trackin'

Is there anything I'm lackin?'

Yeah, treat my brother right cuz you're the reason for Wednesday's big fight

We can be friends and you live life feelin' free

On the other hand, I can make your life hell to the third degree

My marital advice: Choose & tread carefully

Oh, you thought I was just hyper?

I morph into Viper

From damsel in distress, to Princess, to canniballistic lioness

Just stay away from my own, out my zone, out my space, out my face

I've yet to work on that shut up grace

I need the keys

Not for you, to lock little he-demon in the tower on his knees

Bolt it, please

My body he'll dissect while my brother's too busy to protect

My brother

He's the reason for these words, did you get the gist?

No worries, I'll use my claws, not my fists

I'm too sweet for punchin'

After all, I'm his little Munchkin

I won't stomp you because I love my brother

I won't ever hurt your mother, take off your heels and run for cover

Oh, how could I forget?

Don't touch my niece!

I will chop you up, piece by piece

Take care of my Grandma, take care of Cuddles

She's potty-trained, she don't make no puddles

Look, I don't mean to be violent

I just need to vent tears well-spent, fix the fender bents and dents

I believe my brother was heaven-sent

And God never gives the same gift twice

Nobody else could suffice, I wouldn't sell you for any price

I need a huggie, I'm about to cry

I won't lie and say something's in my eye

I'm not fine

She's taking something that is mine

And I'm not letting you go

Just thought I'd let you know

I'm gonna fight til I lose my breath, to the ending of the death

Cuz you're mine, all mine

(I got that line from Seth)

The author's comments:

I wrote this after my big brother got engaged. I was determined that I wouldn't lose him, but now...he's just about gone. (Seth is my little brother who always says that everything is "Mine, all mine.")

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