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The Sound of Silence

February 22, 2009
By JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
JordanA PLATINUM, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Silence is due, in more ways than one, I am tired, I am broken, and it is time to be done. Yes, as I sit here in silence, complete solitude, the echo of my heartbeat, my skull pounding through. Questions quickly come, and I tell myself no more, silence and peace what I am looking for. No more questions, answers of which are absent, no more work nor play, all I seek is the faithful sound of nothing, what more can I say? No more pain that comes with the memories of what love was lost, that horrid, stormy, summer day. I want just a minute of nothing but the sound of silence, the faint whisper of the trees, the freezing cold water runs through my feet. Just for a moment, a moment of time, not much to ask, I promise this request my last. To be enveloped in the calming sound of silence is not to be taken for granted, a rare instance in the world, a rare seed to be planted. Silence is the sweet melody of a running waterfall, the crack of a tree come the springtime thaw. Silence is peace, most cannot find it, but seek, seek its charming nature to clear the mind' silence, look for it and peace you might find.

The author's comments:
I wrote this outside and there was no noise what so ever... so that inspired this poem... just slow down and let everything go... :)

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