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March 3, 2009
By Elyon_1441 BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
Elyon_1441 BRONZE, Indian Trail, North Carolina
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I'm laying here in the dark,

Tears clinging to my lashes,
My fear is like a shark,
Covering me in gashes,
My razors' edge is dull,
The pain has all but faded,
I listen now, for her sweet lull,
But, everything here is sedated,
My vision blurs quickly,
Light bursts through the haze,
Now it occurs to me,
I'm dieing in this blaze,
A figure stands before me,
Dark hair, emerald eyes,
At once I know it's her,
I see her almost daily,
She's the one who tells me lies,
She comes to me in my dreams,
Tells me not to worry,
As, to my flickering soul she clings,
Taking her time, she's in no hurry,
Feeding off this pain I keep,
She's killing me quite slowly,
I guard my heart and take the leap,
For if I die with her, its lovely,
I hate her, I love her,
She's my beautiful disaster,
This situation is becoming dire,
Somehow she's making me die faster,
Laying in her arms,
I close my eyes, she laughs,
My last breath alarms,
No! She's killing me to fast!
There are still things to say,
Things she needs to tell me,
Like, did she hate the way,
I always begged her not to leave me?
I still have apologies to make,
And mistakes to fix,
Will I ever awake?
Or will my mind stay transfixed?
The shadows close in,
The light fades away,
I hear a low thrumming din,
And realize, I just might stay!
But red pain penetrates my head,
Her eyes flash into view,
Her sickening laugh could raise the dead,
As her face fades, right on cue,
Laying without the warmth of her arms,
I close my eyes and laugh,
My last breath no longer warns,
I should've know she'd let me go this fast.

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