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Choices, Chances, and Calls

March 8, 2009
By smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
smileforthecamera GOLD, Syosset, New York
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I heard your calls
In time they came
Each and every one you made
Growing fond of constant rings
Awaiting them like Friday nights
Like clockwork, every hour or so
My phone would spring to vibrant life
Another choice I had to make
Another chance I had to take
For every ring had tested me
Had tempted me
With every sound
A hopeful pause, then nothing more
See, on it's last I'd hold my breath
Surprised you would hold out that long
Unclench the knot that squeezed so tight
Since your prospect's dead and gone
And with that thought I'd shed a tear
But only one
Then wait again for one to come

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